Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tumblr thing

Vampires. This woman was a vampire. Great, that was just what Georgina needed. Vampires were never good news.
The vampire lunged forward, going straight for Georgina's throat. Georgina stepped forward and, whilst dodging the vampires outstretched hand, head-butted her on the nose. The vampire hissed in anger, clearly not expecting a human to go on the offensive. As she reeled back Georgina pressed the advantage and struck her with the pool cue repeatedly. She connected with the first few strikes, but the vampire recovered remarkably fast, parrying the next few. And now she was growling.
Georgina took a half-step back and attempted to get some distance. But the vampire had anticipated this and swung at Georgina's head. Ducking quickly, Georgina thrust the cue at the vampires' stomach, once again catching her off guard. In one fluid motion Georgina leapt up into the air, using the pool table as a stepping stone, she performed a spinning kick directly to the face. Continuing her spin as she landed Georgina hit her in the chest with the cues' heavy end.
Now was her chance to slay this abomination. Georgina kicked the vampire in the side of the knee then hit her in the face with the heavy end, knocking her to the floor. Raising the cue above her head she thrust downward with all of her might, directly at the heart.
Right at that moment Georgina felt her foot go flying out from under her. Knocking the cue aside the vampire caught Georgina by the throat. She kept a firm grip as she stood back up.
Dangling with her feet in the air Georgina had no choice but to look into the vampires' crystal-blue eyes.