Monday, 19 October 2009

Chaos On The Battlefield: Part 3

This one's a bit short, but it's just a first meeting between two major characters, so it's not like it's anything important.

Tai’kor felt the adrenalin surge through his body as he closed his hand. Electricity crackled around it, a small reminder of the power he had unleashed. He watched as the Space Marine Captain collapsed backwards with burn marks on his chest armour.
With nary a glance towards the Khorne Berzerkers Tai’kor dashed to where Qo’tar lay, barely clinging to life. Tai’kor looked at the mangled form of a man he had followed for over 4 centuries. Qo’tar’s blood had already clotted around his wounds and there was no chance of him going into shock. If Tai’kor could get him away from the battlefield in time, he would have even odds of survival.
Tai’kor reached down and hauled Qo’tar onto his shoulder. Without even the slightest sign of exertion he began sprinting away. Before he could dive into an alleyway, however, a flicker of movement caught his eye. He spun around, dropped Qo’tar and drew his Force Weapon in time to parry an attack.
The Black Knights Chaplain had attacked him from behind. Tai’kor pushed him away and drew his Bolt Pistol. Before he could fire a shot the Chaplain launched himself into the sky with his Jump Pack.
Tai’kor focused his mind, letting the power of the Warp flow through his body. Unlike earlier when he had fired lightning from his fingertips he concentrated the power into his mind. Opening his eyes he glanced at the Chaplain and saw images of the attack to come.
With a quick sidestep he dodged the attack. Tai’kor grinned to himself, knowing that the Chaplain had obviously never fought a Sorcerer of Tzeentch before. He stepped backwards, giving the Chaplain enough time to gather himself. Tai’kor ducked and dodged the Chaplain’s attacks.
After parrying an expertly delivered thrust from the Crozius, Tai’kor saw an opening. Raising his Bolt Pistol to block where the Crozius would be, he swung his Force Weapon around in an attempt to slice the Chaplain in half. But just as the Force Weapon dug into the Power Armour it halted, stopped by an invisible force.
“The Emperor protects all of his servants!” The Chaplain muttered. Tai’kor nearly laughed aloud.
“Protect against this!” He yelled as he head butted the Chaplain. As the Chaplain staggered backwards Tai’kor slashed his Force Weapon across his face, tearing through the Skull-shaped helmet like butter and overcoming the force-field. Once again Tai’kor focused his mind, this time sending the power of the Warp down through his Force Weapon and into the body of the Chaplain. The Chaplain slumped to the floor, shaking and gibbering helplessly as the Warp eroded his mind.
Tai’kor took the opportunity to kick his defeated foe once more, then picked up Qo’tar and fled the battlefield, issuing an order to retreat through his mouthpiece as he did so.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Chaos On The Battlefield- Part 2

Notice that ad next to this post? I've been spending all week trying to figure out how to get that thing to work, but I've finally managed it (Turns out it was ridiculously easy). But whatever, here's the second part to one of the stories I'm actually serious about continuing.

Chaplain Odiel landed among a group of Chaos Cultists, human followers of the Dark Gods. Although they were no match for the forces of the Imperium, the Chaos scum often used them to bulk out their numbers.
Chaplain Odiel tore through their ranks without a pause and fired a bullet through the head of their leader. As the scum fell to the ground the fortified encampment wall behind him exploded with astonishing force. As rubble the size of some houses crashed to the ground all around him, Chaplain Odiel took a few seconds to take in his surroundings. He begrudgingly accepted the fact that the Chaos traitors new how to build defences. Long, straight roads led to the Skyshield, but these had been blocked by rockcrete mini-fortifications. Behind each was at least one Chaos Marine squad, armed with the most devastating weapons they could bring to bear.
Through the new whole in the wall behind him a large tank moved through the dust. It was the 4th Company’s Vindicator tank. The large Siege Shield on the front of it pushed the rubble to the side, clearing the way for following vehicles. As the Chaos Marines at the next mini-fort unleashed their firepower upon it, the Demolisher Cannon mounted in the Vindicator’s hull fired. The Demolisher Cannon was developed specifically to blast its’ way through fortifications like these, just as it had done with the outer wall. The mini-fort proved to be no match.
Behind the Vindicator more Imperial tanks arrived. First came two Leman Russ class tanks. A mainstay of the Imperial Guard, this tank was the best that the planetary defences had to offer. Their Battle Cannons, while not as powerful as the Demolisher, had a greater range.
The three heavy tanks kept up a devastating barrage between them, sending the Chaos Marines into disarray. Chaplain Odiel smiled to himself as he saw the next two tanks to manoeuvre their way through the hole. One was a Rhino class troop carrier, which was undoubtedly carrying a full squad of ten Space Marines.
The other was a Razorback. The Razorback was essentially nought more than a Rhino with a large gun strapped to the back, at the expense of carrying capacity. Within this would be Captain Johan and his unit of veteran warriors. Both vehicles manoeuvred their way around the tank line and roared towards the remains of the mini-fort.
Chaplain Odiel fired up his Jump Pack and followed them. The Rhino ploughed through the rubble of the mini-fort without slowing down. The squad within would establish a beach-head ahead of them. The Razorback skidded to a sideways stop as the doors and rear loading doors opened, unloading the six-man squad within. The Chaos Marine squad had gathered what little courage was theirs and charged, ignoring the bullets bouncing off of their Power Armour.
The Chaos forces outnumbered the Captains’ squad by at least three to one, but Captain Johan and his veterans didn’t let this deter them. As they entered melee both sides drew their combat weapons. Most attacks were deflected by the armour, but some hit home. Two of his veterans’ fell, but Captain Johan more than avenged them. With his ancient sword in hand, he decapitated three Chaos Marines on his own, whilst the remaining veterans dispatched two more.
Neither side gave an inch, although the Chaos had lost their impetus. Chaplain Odiel gripped his Crozius Arcanum tightly as he approached them. He swung it with all of his might, backed up by the momentum of the Jump Pack. The Crozius slammed into a Chaos Marines’ midriff, snapping the man in half. The Crozius continued on its’ upward arc and into the face of another foe.
Within moments of his charge the Chaos Marines were broken, the survivors fleeing for their lives. Chaplain Odiel turned to see Captain Johan checking the status of his fallen comrades.
“They’ll live, but they cannot be moved for now.” Apothecary Tehir said.
“Very well. But we cannot wait. Send word for some Imperial Guard to look after them until this is finished.”
“Yes sir!”
“Chaplain, I thank you for the assist.” Captain Johan said as he rose to his feet.
“You could have handled them. My squad is injured and needs assistance. They are on the battlements.”
“Imperial Guard have secured the outer wall. They will have already received help. We press forward.” Captain Johan gestured to his squad to get back inside the Razorback. Another unit of Space Marines arrived to secure the location.
Just as Captain Johan was about to board the Razorback he noticed a loud rumbling from the direction of the Skyshield. He turned in time to see the Rhino explode in a massive fireball which engulfed the Tactical Squad around it.
Through the fires and flames strode a hellish beast. Its’ armour was a deep red and covered in golden spikes. The creatures’ massive head butted Space Marines out of the way as if they were nothing. Atop the great beast sat a Chaos Marine wearing matching armour and carrying a glowing axe. Accompanying him were more Chaos Marines wearing similarly coloured armour. Johan recognised them. He had fought their kind before.
Khorne Berzerkers. The most dangerous of all of the followers of Chaos. These men had devoted themselves to combat in all of its forms. They butchered their way through the Tactical squad.
Captain Johan drew his sword. “That’s him. The Chaos Lord. We cannot let him escape with his life. Marines, attack!”
As one man the veterans, the Tactical squad and Chaplain Odiel broke cover. Drawing their Bolt Pistols they fired into the enemy ranks, causing a few casualties. Even as they fell the Khorne Berzerkers cut off their own heads.
The Chaos Lord raised his axe above his head and spurred his monstrous beast forward. Captain Johan made a beeline straight for him. As the two warriors neared each other Captain Johan placed his left foot sideways, then spun around on it, swinging his sword in a wide arc as he did so. The beast narrowly missed him and continued onwards, only to slide to a stop several yards later.
Its head had been cut in half by Captain Johan’s sword.
The Chaos Lord roared with anger as he walked away from his dead mount. He pointed at Captain Johan with his left hand, “I am Lord Qo’tar the unconquerable, servant of the Chaos God Khorne, executioner of Chapter Master Sotariu of the White Lizards, slaughterer of an entire Company of the Black Knights and the last man you will ever face in combat,” he announced, “Make peace with your false god.”
“I do not care for talk,” Captain Johan replied “Now die like the dog you are.”
Qo’tar snarled in response and charged forward, his axe swinging above his head. Captain Johan parried the first blow, then ducked quickly to avoid the backswing. He twisted his sword, catching his foe on the left arm. Qo’tar hopped backwards out of reach.
They circled each other for a few moments before Qo’tar feinted an attack, which Captain Johan didn’t fall for. Qo’tar feinted again, but followed up with another feint, both of which Captain Johan ignored. Qo’tar feinted for a third time, but this time Captain Johan reacted. He knocked the handle of Qo’tar’s axe with a heavy blow, but Qo’tar used his free hand to force the sword down and followed up with a head butt. The two helmets clanged loudly. Captain Johan stumbled backwards, momentarily stunned. Qo’tar took a step forward and slashed his axe across Captain Johan’s stomach, cleaving through the Power Armour as if it was papier mache. Captain Johan roared with pain as Qo’tar slashed through his chest armour with equal ease.
As the axe swung towards him once more, this time at head height, he gathered himself. He had experienced greater pain back when he had been an initiate, during the process that transformed him into the Space Marine he was. And he hadn’t made Captain by giving up either. With new fire in his soul he caught the axe by the handle and swung his sword upwards, cleaving through Qo’tar’s shoulder.
With an understandable degree of shock Qo’tar stumbled, but recovered quickly. With his remaining hand he drew his Plasma Pistol, an ancient weapon he had kept ever since his days serving the Emperor, over 10,000 years ago. Before he could fire a bolt of super-charged plasma at point-blank range into his opponent’s face, the sword swung downward and removed his hand.
Seeing an opportunity that would not come again Captain Johan drew his arm back and rammed his sword point-first through the stomach of Qo’tar. After twisting it slowly Captain Johan ripped it out sideways. Qo’tar fell to the ground, torn almost in two. However, he was still breathing, so Captain Johan raised his sword and prepared to pierce Qo’tar’s brain.
That’s when Captain Johan was hit with a bolt of lightning to the chest.