Monday, 28 September 2009

Character Profile: Minister Bennett

Full Name: Supreme Planetary Defence Minister Jason K. Bennett
Occupation: Planetary Ruler
Age: 80 Terran Years
Race: Human
General Description: Just above 6 foot tall. Bald, with two large scars across his face. Strong build. Dark blue eyes.
Birth Planet: Stekros, a minor planet located near the Cadian gate.
Personality: Disgruntled. Never takes a moment's rest due to his need to oversee the defence of his planet.
Special talents: Expert knowledge in warfare and strategy, particularly seige warfare and planetary defence. Highly accurate with his chosen weapon, the standard las-pistol. Capable close-combatant, with knowledge of the use and maintenance of several weapons, including Power Weapon and Power Fist.
Flaws: Due to the stresses of defending his planet, has never allowed himself to have emotions. Having said this, he is fiercely devoted to the defence of his world above all else, especially the lives of his men. But which is stronger? His loyalty to his planet or to humanity?
Anything else you think is important: Despite his long service, still shows humility in asking the Black Knights for aid.

Chaos On The Battlefield

Well, I've been on hiatus for a while now. I'm not really sure why, but I just couldn't bring myself to get past that 30 post mark. Of course, this one changes things, and hopefully shall bring about changes in how I run this blog.

This story is set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000. Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Space Marines and just about everything except character names are copyright of Games Workshop. That having been said, the characters themselves are copyright of me.

In the grim darkness of the far future there is no peace, no respite, no forgiveness. There is only war.

Supreme Planetary Defence Minister Jason K. Bennett was disgruntled. This was not an unusual state of affairs due to his Home world’s proximity to the massive Warpstorm known as the Eye of Terror. For his entire 80 year lifespan he had been either battling Chaos incursions or training for battles. But on this particular evening he was even more disgruntled than usual. The reason for this disgruntlement was standing before him, ordering him around as if he were some common soldier.
The man before him was no mere man. He was Captain Johan of the Black Knights Chapter of Space Marines and could be described as nothing short of superhuman. Standing at over 8 foot tall, Captain Johan wore an ancient suit of black-painted Power Armour. His presence was imposing to say the least. He was explaining his battle strategy to Minister Bennett and several other Defence Ministers.
Minister Bennett nodded politely as Captain Johan spoke, knowing that to disagree would be a folly of immense proportions. The Space Marines had arrived to aid thanks to a personal request, but they had made it clear that they would just as readily destroy the entire planet as save it. If he were to protect his home, he would have to accept humility.
After Captain Johan had finished explaining his plan Minister Bennett rose from his seat and strode over to the window. He sighed deeply and looked towards the horizon. Just beyond the walls of his city lay the Chaos encampment. After their initial attack secured them several Skyshield landing pads they had suddenly ceased hostilities, content to repel counterattacks whilst more reinforcements arrived.
After two days of ineffectual attempts to remove them, the Space Marines had suddenly made contact. Minister Bennett had all but begged for their aid, and they had agreed. It was barely an hour later, but the Space Marines were already gearing up for their assault.
“I take it you will not be joining us for the attack, Supreme Minister.” Captain Johan said. It was not a question.
“As you so delicately explained, I am required here in case your assault is unsuccessful. Do you really believe that a hundred men will be enough?”
“We have the blessings of the Emperor with us. The Chaos scum will not escape our rightful fury.”
“You say that with such conviction that it is impossible not to believe you. May the Emperor guide you.”
“And may He protect you as well.” Captain Johan said before leaving. Minister Bennett turned back to the window and sighed again.
“May He protect us all.”

Deep within the Chaos encampment a man by the name of Qo’tar was itching with frustration.
“I do not enjoy this waiting Tai’kor. For more than two days you have had us waiting. We should be out there in glorious combat, tearing the followers of the false emperor limb from limb. Why do you insist that we wait?”
“For reinforcements my lord.” The Sorcerer replied.
“We do not need any more reinforcements, we have enough already.”
“My lord, one cannot just charge at an entire planet’s worth of men. We must ensure that we attack precisely, destroying their morale. Only then can we charge upon the palace and take claim of this world.” Just as Tai’kor was managing to calm his lord’s irritable nature, a Chaos Marine by the name of Wallace entered their bunker.
“My Lord, we have reports that Imperial Space Marines have attacked the western defences.”
Qo’tar grabbed his helmet and grinned maliciously.
“You may keep your waiting games for a more cowardly Lord. For now, the Blood God calls me to battle.” Qo’tar pushed Wallace out of the way and left the bunker.
Tai’kor helped Wallace to his feet, “Well, it looks like the final act is about to play out earlier than expected.”

Chaplain Odiel crushed the skull of yet another Chaos Marine beneath his Crozius. He glanced at his Assault Squad. The Power Axe of Sergeant Zeik tore another foul warrior in half. Around them the rest of the squad dispatched their remaining foes. Chaplain Odiel bellowed an order. As one, the squad activated their jump packs and soared up the side of the sheer wall.
As they approached the top they came under heavy fire. A unit of Chaos Marines wielding Heavy Bolters were protecting the battlements above. Though most shots bounced off of their Power Armour, some hit home, slaying three Space Marines outright. They fell back down to the ground below, but the squad did not falter. Instead they aimed skywards with their Bolt Pistols and unleashed a salvo of their own. Unfortunately the Chaos Marines were also wearing Power Armour and only one fell as a bullet punched through his eye.
Before he even hit the ground the Assault Squad had reached them. Chaplain Odiel wasted no time in smashing an opponent’s skull beneath his Crozius, which he then swung around to break the ribcage of another foe. Odiel dodged a return attack and head butted his foe in reply. The Chaos Marine staggered backwards, leaving himself open for the Crozius to sink into his chest.
To his right Sergeant Zeik hacked through two more Space Marines. He spun around like a mini tornado, his axe a whirling weapon of death. It tore its’ way through both flesh and bone alike, its’ crackling blue energy field making a mockery of any armour it encountered. Sergeant Zeik was therefore surprised when it came to a sudden and very definite stop. Looking down he discovered it was stuck halfway into the barrel of a Heavy Bolter. Looking up he stared as the Chaos Marine pulled the trigger, unleashing three huge shells into Zeiks’ abdomen from point blank range. Gritting his teeth, Sergeant Zeik punched his fist into the face of his enemy, who stumbled backward and over the parapet.
Chaplain Odiel turned to the sergeant and leaned in close so that their helmets were almost touching.
“Can you fight?”
“I’m afraid not sir. I’m unable to feel my lower torso.”
“Then wait here. I’ll send an Apothecary as soon as possible.”
Chaplain Odiel lay his old friend down as comfortably as possible, then activated his Jump Pack and dived into the encampment below.