Saturday, 25 July 2009

Fiction Battle: Bloodkind Chieftain Vs Magdalena

Thanks to having to cycle 13 miles to work and a further 13 miles home every day this week, I've been too exhausted to actually sit down and write. Since I'll be cycling all next week too, I may have to switch to weekend updates.
Anyways, I won the previous round of my fiction battle, so I got to go on and face off against Calamari with her character Magdalena, from Magician. I'll add links later.

Magdalena Blackwood was furious. Her two young children were causing a ruckus in the back seat, which would have been flat out dangerous if the car had actually been moving. As it was she was stuck in a traffic jam. She glanced at her watch impatiently and noticed that her kids would be late for school. If it weren’t for her children in the back she would have gotten out to investigate the cause of the hold-up.
After five minutes of honking her horn she finally got fed up and got out of her car. Clambering up onto the roof she cupped her hand above her eyes to protect them from the glaring sun and peered as far ahead as she could.
“Kids, get out of the car.” Magdalena said as she jumped down. As she practically dragged her son out the fleeing crowd reached them. Magdalena ran around to the other side and grabbed her daughter by the wrist, then she began running.
“Mom, what’s happening?” Her step-daughter, Vivi, asked. Before she could reply Magdalena threw herself and her children to the ground, barely dodging the car that hurtled over their heads.
“Mom, that was our car!” Zach screamed as he got back on his feet.
“Zach, Vivi, listen carefully. I want you to run home, don’t stop, not for anything.”
“But Mom, what-?”
“Just run!” Magdalena drew her pistol and left the two children in the middle of the fleeing crowd. She didn’t look back.
Once she returned to where her car had previously been she saw the cause of the traffic jam. A red-skinned man dressed in furs was throwing cars around like plastic toys. He had his back turned to her, which gave her a good look at the rather large sword he had strapped to his back.
She pulled her police badge from its’ position on her belt and held it up in front of her. Holding her gun next to it she accosted the man.
“Halt! My name is Officer Blackwood and I’m placing you under arrest! Come quietly and I won’t hurt you!”
The red man turned slowly towards her. His face was hidden by a red and white mask, but it didn’t cover his mouth. He smiled to himself, then calmly picked up a car and threw it towards her. Magdalena once again found herself barely dodging a flying car. As she rolled to her feet she gripped her pistol tighter and unleashed several rounds on hot lead at his chest.
He didn’t seem to notice.
Instead he casually reached over his shoulder and drew his sword. Then, weapon raised, he charged at her. Magdalena holstered her weapon and focused. She dodged at the very last moment that she dared and fired an ice spell at his flank. The ice smashed against his skin harmlessly.
Magdalena hopped over the crash barrier and onto the other side of the highway, then began sprinting in the opposite direction from which she had sent her children. With the red man hot on her heels she fumbled in her pocket for her cell phone. Before she could find it, however, a loud honking caught her attention. Looking up, she realised that she had run straight into oncoming traffic.
She barely jumped out of the way of the bus in time. The red man wasn’t so lucky, taking a bus to the face at +50MPH. Although the bus came out far worse, crumpling around him as if it were made of tin foil, he didn’t have any leverage against it. He found himself crushed between the bus and the crash barrier. The bus scraped its’ way along the barrier until it hit a bit of rubble, sending it over the barrier and onto the remains of a truck.
Magdalena picked herself up and gaped in shock at the wreckage before her. The bus had been completely decimated from the impact.
“Well, I guess I won’t be needing to call for backup after all.” Magdalena said to herself as she slowly wandered closer to inspect the man. Before she reached where the bus had ended its’ final journey a police helicopter descended above it. It trained its’ spotlight on her and turned its’ loudspeaker on.
“You there! Put your hands over your head.”
“Hey, I’m one of you guys!” Magdalena searched her pockets for her badge but couldn’t find it. With no other option she slowly raised her arms. At that precise moment the bus suddenly hurtled sideways. The red man untangled himself from the wreckage of the truck by means of ripping it in two with his bare hands.
“Holy! What the heck is that thing?” The man in the helicopter shouted. The red man glanced up at the source of the noise and growled angrily. He then picked up a piece of the truck and threw it skywards, only just falling short of the helicopter.
“Okay mister, you asked for it.” The helicopter had a mini-gun attached to the underside of it, a sign of the times they lived in. It unleashed a hail of bullets at the red man, who simply shielded his eyes with his arm and let the bullets bounce off harmlessly.
The helicopter man obviously got annoyed because he fired a rocket at the man instead. This time he batted it away with his sword. With the helicopter still shooting at him he paced over to a motorbike, the owner of which was lying in several different places. The red man gripped it by the engine and felt its’ balance. He then squinted at the helicopter before spinning around in a circle. After two spins he released the motorbike, which spun through the air in an upwards arc. It slammed into the tail of the helicopter and continued on through. The helicopter, now missing its’ rear stabilising propellers, spun in circles before crashing into the side of a nearby building. With this interruption removed, the red man turned to face Magdalena once more.
“I am so dead.” She muttered to herself under her breath.

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