Monday, 28 September 2009

Character Profile: Minister Bennett

Full Name: Supreme Planetary Defence Minister Jason K. Bennett
Occupation: Planetary Ruler
Age: 80 Terran Years
Race: Human
General Description: Just above 6 foot tall. Bald, with two large scars across his face. Strong build. Dark blue eyes.
Birth Planet: Stekros, a minor planet located near the Cadian gate.
Personality: Disgruntled. Never takes a moment's rest due to his need to oversee the defence of his planet.
Special talents: Expert knowledge in warfare and strategy, particularly seige warfare and planetary defence. Highly accurate with his chosen weapon, the standard las-pistol. Capable close-combatant, with knowledge of the use and maintenance of several weapons, including Power Weapon and Power Fist.
Flaws: Due to the stresses of defending his planet, has never allowed himself to have emotions. Having said this, he is fiercely devoted to the defence of his world above all else, especially the lives of his men. But which is stronger? His loyalty to his planet or to humanity?
Anything else you think is important: Despite his long service, still shows humility in asking the Black Knights for aid.

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