Monday, 19 October 2009

Chaos On The Battlefield: Part 3

This one's a bit short, but it's just a first meeting between two major characters, so it's not like it's anything important.

Tai’kor felt the adrenalin surge through his body as he closed his hand. Electricity crackled around it, a small reminder of the power he had unleashed. He watched as the Space Marine Captain collapsed backwards with burn marks on his chest armour.
With nary a glance towards the Khorne Berzerkers Tai’kor dashed to where Qo’tar lay, barely clinging to life. Tai’kor looked at the mangled form of a man he had followed for over 4 centuries. Qo’tar’s blood had already clotted around his wounds and there was no chance of him going into shock. If Tai’kor could get him away from the battlefield in time, he would have even odds of survival.
Tai’kor reached down and hauled Qo’tar onto his shoulder. Without even the slightest sign of exertion he began sprinting away. Before he could dive into an alleyway, however, a flicker of movement caught his eye. He spun around, dropped Qo’tar and drew his Force Weapon in time to parry an attack.
The Black Knights Chaplain had attacked him from behind. Tai’kor pushed him away and drew his Bolt Pistol. Before he could fire a shot the Chaplain launched himself into the sky with his Jump Pack.
Tai’kor focused his mind, letting the power of the Warp flow through his body. Unlike earlier when he had fired lightning from his fingertips he concentrated the power into his mind. Opening his eyes he glanced at the Chaplain and saw images of the attack to come.
With a quick sidestep he dodged the attack. Tai’kor grinned to himself, knowing that the Chaplain had obviously never fought a Sorcerer of Tzeentch before. He stepped backwards, giving the Chaplain enough time to gather himself. Tai’kor ducked and dodged the Chaplain’s attacks.
After parrying an expertly delivered thrust from the Crozius, Tai’kor saw an opening. Raising his Bolt Pistol to block where the Crozius would be, he swung his Force Weapon around in an attempt to slice the Chaplain in half. But just as the Force Weapon dug into the Power Armour it halted, stopped by an invisible force.
“The Emperor protects all of his servants!” The Chaplain muttered. Tai’kor nearly laughed aloud.
“Protect against this!” He yelled as he head butted the Chaplain. As the Chaplain staggered backwards Tai’kor slashed his Force Weapon across his face, tearing through the Skull-shaped helmet like butter and overcoming the force-field. Once again Tai’kor focused his mind, this time sending the power of the Warp down through his Force Weapon and into the body of the Chaplain. The Chaplain slumped to the floor, shaking and gibbering helplessly as the Warp eroded his mind.
Tai’kor took the opportunity to kick his defeated foe once more, then picked up Qo’tar and fled the battlefield, issuing an order to retreat through his mouthpiece as he did so.

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