Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Star Wars: Elusive Jedi

This is a Star Wars fanfiction that I wrote a short while ago. I wanted to write a story based around action, and nothing but action, and Star Wars seemed perfect for it.

The droids leader signalled to the others to proceed forward. The small column of five slowly approached the thicket. As one bent down to brush it aside, a small furry creature attacked it. After bursts of laser fire, both droid and creature slumped to the ground.
“Just a native rodent sir.” If the droid had been able to display emotion, it would have been shocked to find the other three droids were now missing their heads. The droid fired at the Jedi-robed figure in front of it, but the laser was deflected back into it’s chest. The droid slumped to the ground while the Jedi sheathed his lightsaber. He was about to smile to himself, but the sound of more droids approaching cut into his smirking time. He leapt up into a nearby tree and waited for his moment.
A unit of five Super Battle droids entered the small clearing. They quickly noticed the droid remains lying in a heap.
“Spread out, don’t let him get away.” One of them ordered, just before his body split in two. The Jedi, who had landed in between the two halves, extended his free hand towards one of the remaining droids. It flew backwards into a tree, which shattered upon impact. The Jedi ducked as the three remaining droids aimed their wrist-blasters at him. Two of the droids shot each other, and the Jedi disposed of the third with ease.
“Maybe I should get moving?” The Jedi asked himself. When the unmistakable sound of blaster fire entered the clearing, he answered his own question with a prompt, “Yes, I should.”
The Jedi dashed into the undergrowth, avoiding any further detection.
It wasn’t long before the Jedi reached his destination, a small cave deep within the jungle. He breathed deeply, steadied his nerves, then entered. He was met by a very large, very angry creature with very big teeth. The Jedi jumped, barely dodging the creature’s charge. He slashed with his lightsaber, causing no greater effect than making it angrier. Unusually for a Jedi, he responded in kind, snarling as he drove the lightsaber deep into the creature’s cranium.
“That wasn’t so bad.” He said to himself, just as a second creature slammed into him. As he tumbled out of the cave, the Jedi rolled with the impact. As he stood up, he got a clear few of the creature he was fighting. He had never seen anything like it, even in the archives on Coruscant. He jumped into a tree and reached for his lightsaber, which he didn’t find. He searched the ground from his position, only to see it lying underneath the creature’s foot.
“Only one thing for it.” He muttered to himself as he hopped out of the tree. As the creature began moving, the Jedi raised his hand. The tree behind him rose out of the ground.
As the Jedi spun in a circle, the tree circled around, following his movements. Once he had built up some speed, the Jedi let the tree free from his control. It slammed straight into the creature. Both tree and creature toppled over. The Jedi adjusted his hood nonchalantly and his lightsaber flew back to his hand.
The inside of the tunnel was dry and dusty, but as he walked further inward, it soon became slippery and humid. The Jedi made his way down a small hole, which led him to a large cavern. There was no discernible method of climbing down. He picked up a stone and dropped it over the edge. After a short time, he heard a splash. The Jedi smiled to himself and removed his robe. His green tendrils clattering as the metallic rings bounced off of each other. His large, black eyes shut as he focused on the living force around him. He could sense large sea animals below him. He disrobed down to his trousers and, clutching his lightsaber, dived into the black abyss in front of him. After he splashed into the waters, he activated his lightsaber. It flickered strangely underwater, but it worked well enough. It also provided light, which allowed the Nautolan Jedi to see a very large fish directly in front of him.
It’s never easy, is it? He thought to himself as he cut the fish’s tongue in half. He used the force to push himself away, and swam further down. He could sense what he was searching for, but it was still a long way down. For over two hours he swam downward, dodging attacks from increasingly larger fish, until he approached his destination. He reached into the small crevice, and smiled as he withdrew his prize.
“General Rento, we‘re ready to depart.” The clone captain saluted as the Jedi Knight entered the Yt-1300 light freighter.
“Sorry I’m late, I had a little bit of difficulty getting here.”
“Did you achieve your objective?”
In reply, Kit Rento activated his lightsaber, which glowed with a pure white blade.
“Sir, we’re picking up a transmission from General Yoda.” The pilot called.
“Put him through.”
The clone captain pulled out a holocron, which emitted a small blue image of Yoda. It flickered as he spoke.
“Achieve your mission, you have?”
“Yes Master.” Kip nodded his head in respect.
“Dangerous, your mission was. Foolhardy, you are. But impressive, your victory is. Return, you will, to Coruscant. New mission you have.”
“Yes, Master Yoda.” As the holocron image disappeared, the captain turned back to the pilot.
“You heard him, we return to Coruscant.”
The modified freighter lifted off as the pilot set its course.

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