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Zokusho: Crystal Blade Prologue Pt 2

It's exactly 23:10 GMT, which means that it's still Friday and this update isn't late. Just very nearly late. Anywhoo, this here is the second part of my Crystal Blade prologue. Edgar travels to Interplanes to track down the Blind Swordsmith, and gets into trouble along the way. Comments welcome.

Interplanes was as busy as ever, but Edgar had no problem navigating his way through the crowd. It didn’t take him long to reach the Surly Dragon, a bar/inn nestling in one of the slightly-less-than-reputable parts of the city. Despite its location it was one of the safest inns in all of Interplanes, mostly due to the rabble that always made its home there. Whenever any problems arose inside the patrons took it as an opportunity to join in, and this made slipping out the back the usual method of egress.
As Edgar entered he found what he was looking for almost instantly. A young couple was trying to hide in a corner. He knew they weren’t regular customers due to not only their style of clothing but also their lack of any visible weapons. He walked straight over and plonked himself down opposite them. They both looked terrified to see him.
“I take it you are Sheridan?” he gestured towards the girl. She nodded a silent yes. The boy gripped something hidden under his cloak. “You won’t be needing your sword my friend, I’m merely here because of an acquaintance.”
“What do you want with Sheridan?” he asked, not moving his hand. On closer inspection Edgar realised the boy was barely into his teens. Same as Sheridan. It was apparent that he had been given the job of protecting the girl as much to keep him safe as her. Edgar had a lot of work to do.
“I wish to speak to her father, but it appears that will not be as easy as I first thought. So I have a proposition for you.”
“I’m listening.” The boy said.
“I would like you to lead me to the woman who attacked your village.”
“What makes you think we would know where she lives?”
“Well that would be something for us to work out together. I have quite a few connections in this city and I’m sure that-“ Edgar never got to finish his sentence. The door of the Surly Dragon had been smashed in. Five very big men walked through the hole and looked around. One of them pointed at Edgar and his companions. The newcomers turned and started walking towards them.
“It’s them. The men who were with her. They’ve come for Sheridan. Well they wont get past me!” The boy said as he stood up. Gripping his sword more tightly he prepared to sell his life dearly. Edgar, however, had other plans.
“Don’t worry about them.” Was all he said as he helped Sheridan to her feet. The boy looked round bewildered. Everybody else in the inn had risen from their seats and had turned to face the intruders.
“Why not? They’ve come for us. We must fight to the death.”
“And I’m all for that. It’s very admirable and everything, but I prefer it without the whole ‘to the death’ part. Besides, I don’t think the patrons like having their tables shoved aside.” Edgar said. True to form, the patrons of the Surly Dragon had swamped the newcomers under a barrage of fists and chair legs and anything else the patrons could get their hands on. Edgar hurried the young couple to the back door, knowing that after their pursuers went down the patrons would look for other people to hit. They entered the back alley and started towards the main road. When they got there Edgar hailed a cab.
“Where are we going?” The driver asked.
“The Nebull residence my good man, and step on it.” Edgar said, handing the driver a very large wad of cash.
“How do you know where to go?” Sheridan asked.
“I recognised those uniforms. Madame Nebull has been making quite a name for herself recently around here.”
“Nebull? That’s the name of a tyrant who conquered several countries a few years ago. He used one of our villages swords to do it too.” The boy said.
“That’s probably why she moved to Interplanes then. It also explains the fabulous wealth she brought with her.”
“Do you think she wants to recapture her husbands Empire Mike?” Sheridan asked her companion.
“Some say it was her who was behind it in the first place.” Mike replied as the cab pulled up outside a large mansion. The three passengers got out, letting the cab speed away. The driver didn’t want anything to do with the Nebull woman.
“You two had better wait here. I’ll return shortly.” Edgar said as he walked up to the main gate.
“We’re coming with you.” The couple responded in chorus.
“I really do not think that is a good idea.” Edgar tried to dissuade them, but it was pointless. They were proving to be very irretractable. Eventually Edgar gave up and pressed the buzzer next to the gate.
“Why are you doing that?” asked Mike.
“So they will open the gate.” said Edgar as the gate swung open before him. Edgar strolled straight in, and the other two followed him, though hesitantly. Mike gripped his sword once more.
As the trio reached the front door, Madame Nebull arrived to meet them. She was wearing an ice blue dress which nearly reached her ankles. She smiled a smile which seemed a little too kind and welcomed Edgar with open arms.
“Hello there. I do not know who you are but you have done me a great service today. Guards, take those two prisoner.” She waved her hands and ten men appeared seemingly out of nowhere. They aimed their guns at the young couple. They were marched inside, leaving Edgar and Nebull standing alone.
“How rude of me. Please, do come in. I must think of a way to adequitely reward you.” Edgar took her up on the offer and followed her inside. She led him to what appeared to be a study. She sat down on her desk, and slipped off her dress. Her underwear was as ice blue as the now removed item of clothing. She gestured to Edgar for him to approach, which he did. She grabbed him by the belt and pulled him on top of her. He was unsurprised to find her body was as cold as her clothing alluded to. She pulled him tight to her body, and whispered softly into his ear.
“Will this do as an appropiate thank you?”
“I do believe this will suffice yes.” Edgar whispered back. “I was a little bit worried about how I would get close enough to you for my job, but you seem to have taken care of that.” Edgar continued as he pushed his sword into her stomach. Her face froze in shock. Edgar pulled back and watched as she vanished in a flash of white light.
“So she was a fiend after all. I thought as much.” He said to nobody in particular and then he left. If she was like most other fiends then she would probably have her prisoners locked up in the basement. It didn’t take him long to find them, although the guard did prove to be troublesome.
“Wot choo doin dahn ere?” he asked. Edgar winced at the heartless mauling of the language. He decided not to bother talking to this gentleman, and merely slit his throat instead. The guard too vanished in a flash of light, which attracted yet more fiends from the other end of the corridor. They all drew their guns and started firing at him. Edgar rushed towards them, being careful to deflect as many bullets as humanly possible. He reached them without being hit once, and began cutting them down.
He had dispatched almost all of them when the door next to him burst open in much the same way as they aren’t supposed to. One very large fiend shouldered his way through the door, a large spiked mace in his hand. The fiend swung at Edgar, who had to hop backwards to dodge it. The fiend continued swinging and Edgar continued dodging. It was apparent that Edgar would tire out first, so he would have to think of a different strategy. As the fiend swung once more Edgar dived underneath it. He rolled beneath the fiend and rose behind him, swinging his sword in a wide arc as he did so. The fiend vanished in white light, just as all the others had.
Before Edgar had a chance to turn around though, he was reminded painfully that he hadn’t dispelled all the fiends before. A bullet stuck in his shoulder as a stark reminder that there was still one left. Silently cursing himself for the oversight, Edgar promptly dispatched of his final foe.
He entered the room which had lost its door during the fight, and found exactly who he was looking for. He let the three captives down, and after checking that they were alright he turned to face Sheridan’s father.
“Excuse me sir, but my master would like to ask you a few questions.”
“About what exactly?” The blind man asked, still shaking from shock.
“Those wonderful swords of yours.” Edgar replied as he pulled his jumping crystal out of his pocket.

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