Saturday, 11 April 2009

Character Profile: Amy-Chan

Name: Amy-Chan (Real name unknown)

Age: She appears to be 16, but exact age is unknown.

Race: Cat-Girl

General Description: Pretty much as shown, although her outfit changes constantly.

Personality: Amy-chan is eternally optimistic with boundless amounts of energy. Although she acts ditzy most of the time, she is actually highly intelligent. She does have a tendency to lose interest in things quickly.

Special talents: Has been trained in ninjutsu by Heartman. A good shot with a gun. An inventor.

Flaws: Inability to remain focused. Will often forget what she's been told to do.

Anything else you think is important: As far as she knows, she was created in a secret laboratory a little over two years ago. She also has a strange power within her which she cannot control.

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