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Evil Diva: Dungeons and Devils. Part 1

Check the sidebar. The one to the left. Just below the photo of my ugly mug is a list of links. One of the websites on there is called Evil Diva, and it's a webcomic by Pete Menotti, Brinson Theime and Honoel A. Ibardolaza. I would really recommend reading it. What follows is a fanfiction I have written.

I want to make it extremely clear that this is only part 1. Part 2 will be posted either Friday or next Wednesday, I'm not yet sure which.

It was a sunny day at St. Swithern’s School. In fact, a good many of the students considered it too sunny as they shielded their eyes against glare. When the school bus pulled up a young blond Angel wearing a white shirt and black trousers named Aaron was lazily re-reading his maths study guide on the school steps. He scooted aside so that the students could move past him.
Just as the last students made their ways through the school doors someone snatched his book out of his hand.
“Hey look, the little loner’s studying. Isn’t that cute?” The orange-haired Demon wearing a green trench coat said to his friends.
“It’s none of your business Kurt.” As he reached out to snatch it back Aaron lost his footing and slipped. He landed heavily on the pavement, his books spilling out of his backpack.
The four Demons at the top of the stairs laughed at this misfortune. As Aaron picked himself up, Kurt threw the book at his head, hard.
“Come on guys, this is getting boring now. Let’s go find someone else.” Kurt’s pale-skinned female friend said. Aaron picked himself up as another Demon, this one with dark red hair and half-rim glasses came running up to the school.
“Sorry I’m late. My brother deactivated my alarm clock so I missed the bus and had to run here. What happened to you?”
“Nothing Phin, I just slipped is all. Don’t worry about it. Let’s go meet the others.” Phin took a moment to catch his breath, then followed his Angel friend into the school building.
It didn’t take them long to find their friends Cornelius and Lyle. They were at Cornelius’s locker. Right next to them were the four Demons from before.“Oh great, here we go again.” Aaron sighed as he and Phin watched the action from afar. As he expected, Lyle tried to hit on the pale-skinned girl, but struck out miserably. As she strode away with her friends, Aaron and Phin ventured closer.
“How bad was it this time?” Phin asked Cornelius. Before he could answer Lyle interrupted.
“She spoke to me! She actually spoke to me!”
“Uh-huh, and what did she say exactly?”
“She said Will you stop annoying me already?”
“Yeah, great progress there hot-shot. Maybe in six years you’ll actually find out her name.”
“I do know her name. It’s Lucy.”
Phin, Cornelius and Aaron exchanged glances.
“Well done. I’m sure she cares.” Cornelius responded.
“If you guys can stop talking about Lyle’s tragedy of a love-life for a moment, I have an announcement to make. My aunt’s moved into the region.” Phin said.
“Your aunt Margaret or your aunt Edna?”
“Aunt Edna.”
“Oh I remember her. Didn’t she and her daughter visit you over the holidays a few years back? She’s the one with the bratty daughter right?” Said Lyle as he opened his locker.
“Who’s got a bratty daughter?” An unfamiliar voice said behind him.
“Phin’s Aunt Edna. I remember her being mean, she kept pulling all of these horrible practical jokes on me all summer. I’m just glad I’ll never have to see her again.”
It took a while, but eventually the cogs in Lyle’s brain made the connection and he spun around. Standing before him was a female Demon with the same shade of red hair as Phin, but she had grown it long. She was wearing a green t-shirt and black jeans.
“Hi. I’m Jene, and I’m Phin’s cousin. Also, I think we’re in the same class.”
“Oh joy.” Lyle said as the school bell rang, along with his friends’ laughter.

Aaron took his seat for his first lesson, in the corner next to Lyle. Jene took the seat directly in front of him. Phin and Cornelius sat in the very back row behind them. Aaron leaned back to talk to Phin.
“So, are we still on for D&D at yours after school?”
“Yep, I’ve got a whole new campaign set out for your characters. It should take us until half-term easily.”
“What’s D&D?” Jene leaned over and asked.
“Dungeons and Devils. It’s a role-playing game. Hey, maybe you’d like to join us?”
“What? No way! I’m not having her mess up our games.” Lyle slammed his book down on his desk.
“Mr Menoir! I know we haven’t officially begun yet but could you at least pay attention?” The crotchety old teacher said.
“Sorry Miss.”
“That’s better.”
When the teacher’s attention was elsewhere Aaron leaned over to Lyle and asked, “What’s your problem? We’re practically crying out for new players and this one’s nice to look at.”
“Trust me; you don’t want her joining the group. She’ll ruin it for everybody.” Lyle replied.
“You two do realise I can hear you right?” Jene turned to face them while the teacher went on and on about respecting the bard to some poor girl in purple. “Don’t worry; I’ve grown up a lot since I last saw you. Although it looks like you haven’t grown up at all.”
Lyle fumed silently for the rest of the lesson.
Just as school was finishing Lyle and Aaron were sorting out their lockers when Kurt and one of his friends from earlier strolled up to them. Both Lyle and Aaron were dwarfed by the two bullies.
“Um, Hi Kurt. How’s everything going?” Asked Aaron.
“It’s going great. Trent and I were just thinking about the two of you.”
“Really? That’s nice.” Lyle tried to back away, but Trent had cut him off.
“Yeah, we been thinking about how you were annoying Lucy this morning. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s up to us to solve your little problem for you.” Kurt placed his hand on Lyle’s shoulder.“Okay. Uhhh, what did you come up with?”
“This.” Kurt spun Lyle around and shoved him into his locker, closing the door after him.
“Hey! Let him out he’s claustrophobic!” Aaron tried to shove Kurt out of the way but Trent got him in a headlock.
“Oh really? Then maybe we should make sure he has some company? Lock him in the next one Trent.”
As Trent followed Kurt’s suggestion Phin and Cornelius arrived on the scene. They rushed up to them just as Trent locked the door.
“Oh look, it’s the other two losers. Do either of you have anything to say?” Kurt asked as he rattled against Lyle’s locker, its’ current occupant giving a small whimper as he did so.
Phin and Cornelius looked at each other, then ran away as fast as they could.

Several hours later Aaron slammed his body against the door for the umpteenth time, but it remained resolutely closed. He slumped against the back wall.
“Hey Lyle, how’re you holding up?”“I need to use the bathroom.”
“Well, just hold it until tomorrow alright? Maybe you should try and get some sleep?”
“I-I can’t sleep. The walls will close in on me. I-I can’t stand it!”
“Just stay focused alright? Try imagining that you’re in the desert.”
A few minutes passed in silence.“Aaron?”
“Yeah Lyle?”
“For what?”
“Sticking up for me.”
“That’s what friends are for.”
“Thanks anyway.”

The sun went down and came up again. Lyle and Aaron were woken by the sound of the tannoy system. They frantically began pounding against the doors.
Lucy was just about to open her locker when the pounding started. She glanced at her friends, who just winked at each other and walked over to the lockers. Simultaneously they unlocked them and swung the doors open, letting the two captives fall out.
“Ewwwww, this one wet himself!” Trent said as he covered his nose. Lyle looked up to see everybody staring at him. They all scrunched up their noses and began laughing at him.
Covering his face Lyle got up and ran out of the school doors.
“What a loser.” Lucy said as the school bell rang.

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