Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Hauntsman

Have you ever seen a character so cool that you've just had to write a short story about the guy? Well, I have He's called the Hauntsman, and you can have a look at him over here.

Charlie slammed his apartment door closed. His day hadn’t exactly gone as he had planned. He chucked his money onto his kitchen counter angrily.
“Dammit!” Charlie cursed angrily under his breath as he retrieved the rest of his secret stash. He tucked his pistol into his belt as he did so. He left the kitchen and walked through the main room. Rain pattered against the window. As he glanced towards it thunder cracked outside. The flash of light was simultaneous, and for a split-second Charlie could have sworn he had seen a silhouette at the window. He shook his head, putting it down to his frayed nerves.
He wiped sweat from his brow as he looked in the bathroom mirror. His face was clean-shaven, with short hair. Nothing about him was memorable, but it did seem trustworthy. It was his eyes, looking into them even he could be fooled into trusting them, even despite the blood, mud and sweat that was spattered all over his features. Charlie quickly washed his face. As he checked his reflection in the mirror he nearly jumped out of his skin.
A man was standing directly behind him. His cloak and wide hat cloaked his face, but Charlie could tell he was deathly pale. Charlie reacted instantly, drawing his gun and spinning round with trained speed. Before he fired though, the cloaked man had vanished.
“Get a grip man, you’re coming apart at the seams,” Charlie muttered to himself, “You don’t have time for this.”
Charlie went to his bedroom and started packing. He didn’t take any time about it, throwing whatever clothes he could grab into his suitcase.
‘Knock knock’ came from the door. Charlie’s hand shot to his pistol once more, and he kept it there as he quietly approached.
“Who is it?”
“It’s Mardukas, I’m here for the rent you owe,” replied a booming voice. Charlie relaxed as he undid the latch.
“$300 right?”
“Yep. You got it?”
“Right here, hold up a sec.” Charlie took the money out of his wallet and handed it through the letterbox.
“You okay in there? You sound jumpy.”
“Just been a bad day alright?”
“Yeah whatever, just pay up on time next month.”
Charlie waited by the door until he heard the footsteps recede. He didn’t plan on still being here next month. After one last check, he picked up his suitcase and made for the door. Just as he reached for it thunder cracked once more and an unnatural chill went up Charlie’s spine. Steeling himself once more, Charlie opened the door.
“Hello Charlie.”
It was him. The man from the mirror. His clothes were as deathly white as his skin and his voice sounded like gravel. Charlie drew his pistol but the intruder was faster. Charlie stared in shock at the remaining half of his gun. The intruder sheathed his sword and said “Now that won’t do, we wouldn’t want to alert the neighbours would we?”
“Wh-who are you?” Charlie stammered as he stumbled backwards.
“I have been referred to as an angel. I have been referred to as a devil. I have been referred to as a ghost, an apparition and as a monster. You may call me the Hauntsman. I am drawn to your guilt Charlie. You have done many bad things. I am here to find out what haunts you so.”
The Hauntsman stepped into Charlie’s apartment, closing the door behind him. Sweat formed once again on Charlie’s head as panic gripped him.
“Tell me Charlie.”
“It wasn’t my fault! It was an accident I swear!”
“Tell me!”
“I didn’t mean it!”
Charlie’s face drained of blood until it was nearly as white as that of the man towering over him.
“Okay I’ll tell you. I’m a drug dealer. I make my living selling drugs to pathetic losers. It was just a normal sale, but the guy I was selling too was wired. The cops had gotten to him. When I found out, I shot him and ran. I stole a car and floored it.”
“That is not the source of your guilt.”
“It was while I was being chased. I turned a corner to avoid a stinger. I didn’t see her alright!?”
“Didn’t see who?”
“The girl! The next thing I knew a kid was bouncing off of the windscreen. I saw her face, I still see her face every time I close my eyes!” Tears were openly streaming down Charlie’s face.
“You have destroyed many lives Charlie. And yet you mourn over the destruction of just one? You are scum Charlie, and I am here to deliver justice.” The Hauntsman gripped Charlie’s shirt and lifted him bodily off the ground.
“I AM JUDGE AND JURY CHARLIE, AND I FIND YOU GUILTY AS CHARGED!” With no visible effort, the Hauntsman threw Charlie through the air. The window offered no resistance as Charlie hit it.

Police found no trace of an intruder and deemed it a suicide.

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